NSF-IWBWs Schedule


Local Facilitator Responsibilities

You will receive login instructions and guidance materials for each of the Interactive Web Based Workshops (IWBWs) you register for at least one week in advance of the scheduled date of the IWBW. Any questions concerning log on instructions and guidance materials can be directed to Roger Seals ceseal@lsu.edu or 225/335-5327.

Before the day of the IWBW…

The day of the IWBW…

Twenty minutes before the workshop begins

  • Use the extra computers to log on to the sign up site so that participants that have not done so can sign up.
  • Login to the IWBW GoToWebinar (GTW) website using instructions provided via email.

Initial local activities

  • Encourage participants who have not signed up to do so (see Item 5- Detailed Local Facilitator Responsibilities).
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to do preparatory reading if necessary.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves.
  • Organize participants into discussion groups of 2 or 3.
  • Provide a brief explanation of the interactive workshop format (see Item 7- Detailed Local Facilitator Responsibilities).
  • Answer questions.
  • Lead your participants through the initial reflection activity (material will be provided to guide you in this).
  • Distribute first interactive workshop handout.

Interactive Workshop activities

  • Enforce time constraints.
  • Enforce no talking during the “Think” phase given by presenters.
  • Distribute each handout at the direction of the IWBW presenters (these will be provided to you in advance of the IWBW). Do not distribute all the handouts at the same time.
  • Collect responses from participants during the “Report” phases.
  • Report selected local responses to the virtual audience if called upon by the presenters.
  • Coordinate the submission of written questions to presenters via the Question Window in the GTW dashboard.

Concluding local activities

  • Lead a discussion on a topic provided with the interactive workshop material — these topics may focus on what was surprising about the interactive workshop, what was new, or what was learned (material will be provided for Facilitators to guide discussion).
  • Encourage participants to complete the post-IWBW survey (see Item 9- Detailed Local Facilitator Responsibilities).

After the IWBW is finished