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Impact and Transportability IWBW – Participant Registration Form

All information you provide is confidential and will be used only for evaluation purposes by the collaborating organizations and the evaluator for the purpose of analyzing data, preparing reports and articles, and selecting samples for a limited number of carefully defined follow-up studies. Any information publicly released (such as statistical summaries) will be in a form that does not personally identify you or your institution. Your response is voluntary and failure to provide some or all of the requested information will not in any way adversely affect you.


    Please rate your skills NOW (before the workshop) on the following items. How well do you feel you can do the following?

    (Why do we need this information about gender, ethnicity, disability, and citizenship status? As a federally funded project, we need to report demographic information on participants to show that we are reaching all segments of the relevant community. This information is confidential and will never be reported or associated with your name. Your response is voluntary.)
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